Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle
Sisterly Care Bundle

Sisterly Care Bundle

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In this bundle you’ll get a Bi-Border Scrunchie, a 100ML bottle of Wabanaki Maple Syrup, a snowflake-shaped candle, a BEE Simple beeswax wrap, a 25g bag of Bueteaful tea, an art sketch from Femmes Des Fleurs, two pieces of jewelry from Imposter Creations and Courtney Handmade Designs, a mask, either a Koffee Beauty scrub or an Upfront Cosmetics shampoo bar, either a viscose scarf, Country Liberty mittens or a Country Liberty toque, a $30 Sisterly Swimwear gift card and the chance to win a $250 Cielo Glamping gift card.

- Please note if this is a gift and you would like a personal message please let us know the message and the name of who it is for in the delivery instructions at checkout.  

Lottery Item 

Cielo Glamping: 

A magical oasis in New Brunswick’s backyard, this company offers nightly stays in dome accommodations that overlook the ocean. 

This Haut-Shippagan company has equipped its domes with a wood-fired hot tub and views of the moon, making it perfect for any getaway.

Cielo Glamping donated a $250 gift card to be used as a lottery item applicable with every bundle purchase.  


Whats inside 

Femmes Des Fleurs Art:

Made by Victoria Anne Gesner in Fredericton, these beautiful sketches and paintings often encompass femininity or one’s love for coffee and plants. 

Femmes Des Fleurs Art donated 100 pieces of art for the Sisterly Bundle. 


Imposter Creations:

From Saint John, New Brunswick, Imposter Creations sells handmade clay earrings, barrettes and necklaces in an assortment of sometimes vibrant and subtle tones with the occasional use of metals. 


Sisterly Swimwear:

Fredericton born sister owned swimwear company focused on ethical sustainable swimwear made for every women's figure. Sisterly is donating $30 gift cards in every care bundle. 


Country Liberty:

A Fredericton, New Brunswick, company, which has steadily gained traction for its apparel over the last couple of years, recently made an appearance on Dragon’s Den. 

The company sells shirts, hoodies, flannels and a host of other apparel pieces decked out with the Country Liberty Logo. 


Shelby’s Bunker:

In Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, this cute cafe sells a wide assortment of goodies, from ceramic planters, mugs and candles to beauty products. 

Selby’s Bunker donated beautiful viscose scarves for the Sisterly Bundle. 


Courtney Handmade Designs:

Owned by Courtney Foster, these handcrafted earrings, barrettes and combs are made with a variety of materials, including resin, gemstones and metals. 

Courtney Handmade Designs donated earrings for the Sisterly Bundle. 

Bi-Border Scrunchies:

With an aim to fight the stigma around mental illness, this company donates $1 per scrunchie sold to mental health charities across Canada, including the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

Made in Fredericton, New Brunswick, these scrunchies come in a wide-range of prints and materials, from floral to suede. 

Bi-Border Scrunchies donated scrunchies for the Sisterly Bundle.



This company offers adorable wraps and bags made from beeswax wrap, that are used as a replacement for single-use plastics. 

Made in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the all natural and zero waste products covered in aesthetically pleasing prints, are perfect for keeping food fresh while doing your part for the planet.  

Wabanaki Maple:

Indigenous Peoples were the first to enjoy the tasty delight that we now know as maple syrup. Wabanaki Maple is a true mark of the traditional practice of harvesting maple here in Canada. 

Based in Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation), Wabanaki Maple offers a variety of traditional and barrel aged maple syrup, including bourbon and whiskey, in beautiful glass bottles. 


Koffee Beauty:

This skincare company from Moncton, New Brunswick offers a coffee scrub that targets dry skin and stretch marks. 

With a host of scents, from mint to a dreamy cedarwood, we’re proud to say this product is from our home province. 


Upfront Cosmetics: 

With a goal to help others cut back on waste, this company makes amazing shampoo and conditioner bars from right here in Fredericton, New Brunswick. 

Upfront Cosmetics offers a cruelty-free, frothy, and creamy experience in every bar, with scents like Rosemary Mint and Hydrating Hemp.


Sisterly Exclusives

We have curated these boxes full of local maritime goodies and of course we couldn't stop there! we wanted to give you all something special made by your sisters. 

In the bundles you will find handmade Christmas snowflake candles (only in care bundles) with scents of peppermint and clove and mulled spice mixes for those cold wintery nights where a glass of room temp wine just wont do. 

Lastly,  you will find a handmade face mask (because you can never have enough)