We are two sisters who believe that less is more. This doesn’t mean our sense of fashion or taste is ever compromised, and our company is here to prove it. Fashion and quality have always been our shared love affair, as well as bringing products to market designed specifically to promote body positivity and confidence. But, as the world has evolved and we've become more aware of the impacts of this industry, we couldn’t fathom putting more waste into the landfills or have more people working in unethical conditions on our account. We’ve also never given up on a challenge. So, naturally we’ve decided to start by tackling the hardest piece on both fronts. As two curvaceous women who couldn’t find a bikini that flattered all of our assets for a reasonable price, while staying true to our morals, we knew this was the best place to start. Sisterly Swimwear is a bathing suit line made for women of all shapes and sizes, designed and produced by sisters for sisters. Made for the Voluptuous, the Petite and everyone in between. From our hometown in Fredericton, New Brunswick, we’re producing these bathing suits by hand, using recycled materials, avoiding harsh chemicals, straying from those pesky fabrics that suck up our water and ensuring high quality. With an agenda to grow our business, while committing to remain an all-inclusive and slow-fashion brand. It’s taken time, but now we’re here and we’re ready to showcase what started as a small vision and has evolved into so much more.

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