Designer and Co-Owner of Sisterly Swim

Olivia is a fierce entrepreneur with an eye for design and spirit bold enough to make any idea become a reality. 

While living in Australia, she saw a gap in the market for high-quality, ethical and sustainable swimwear that flattered all bodies and so, Sisterly Swimwear was born.

The oldest of the three sisters behind this company, Olivia has been the role model leading pack. 

Olivia has a 32 bust, a 29 waist, a 42 booty and rocks a Petite top and Shapely bottom.


Writer and Co-Owner of Sisterly Swimwear

Isabelle has developed a passion for the environment through her time studying to become a journalist.

After a year of business reporting, her sister Olivia approached her with a business idea, giving her the opportunity to coincide her love for fashion with her desire to bring sustainability and ethical practices to the industry, that she couldn't refuse.

The middle sister of the trio, Isabelle has been the glue pushing to turn their ideas into a reality.

Isabelle is a 33 bust, a 29 waist, a 43 booty, and wears a Petite top and Shapely bottom.


Model and Inspiration

The youngest of the three, Hope is a newly graduated highschool student with a passion for music and the arts. 

With her quirky and modest sense of style, Hope adds a dash of unique inspiration to the designs of Sisterly Swimwear. 

Hope is a 36 bust, a 31 waist, a 40 booty and rocks a Shapely top and Curvy bottom.


Model and Ambassador

Danica is a teacher and travel enthusiast, currently living abroad in Saint Lucia. 

With a love for fashion and the creative arts, Danica couldn't wait to be a part of this company. 

Our un-biological family member for the last nine years, Danica has be apart of this sisterhood since before it began.

Danica is a 38 bust, 32 waist, a 43 booty and flaunts a Curvy top and Curvy bottom.


Model and Ambassador

Hannah is a journalist, who's been working as a business reporter since 2018.

She has a bold spirit and fun-loving attitude, and represents our Super Voluptuous ladies for Sisterly Swimwear.

Hannah has a 53 bust, a 47 waist, 55 booty and shows off in a Super Voluptuous top and Super Voluptuous bottom.  


Model and Ambassador

Anna is a fitness trainer with a degree in Kinesiology, currently working towards her Physiotherapy degree.

With her positive spirit, Anna represents our sporty girls and meets our values as she advocates for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

Anna is a 36 bust, 29 waist, and 37 booty and sports a Shapely top and Shapely bottom. 


Model and Ambassador​

Onye is in her third year of studying psychology, with a plan to purse law.

She is passionate about life itself and the planet, and was excited to be a part of Sisterly because of our anti-waste initiatives. 

Onye is a curvaceous woman who's struggled finding suits to fit and flatter her gorgeous body, and fell in love with Sisterly suits that enhance all her assets.

Onye is a 49 bust, 36 waist, and 52 booty and rocks a Super Curvy top and Curvy bottom.