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Our Styles

The Isabelle Top 

With an intense passion for the environment, The Isabelle offers a sustainable two-way design making the most of its fabric. This top, just like our sister, is somedays laid-back and elegantly simple, while on others it's vivacious and flirty. Its tie design allows it to fit - and flatter - a wide-range of body types, from having small boobs to big ones that need a little extra support.

The Olivia Bottom

Olivia has always been known for her bold character and knack for demanding an audience. These bottoms were designed to hug the waist and, well, not much else. Whether you’ve got a big booty or a small one, The Olivia is meant to showcase it in all of its glory. 


If you like a little bit more coverage, with the same thin band that huge you in all the right places, we made the Olivia modest just for you. 

The Hope Bottom

Named after our little sister, The Hope bottoms are for those who want to leave a little for the imagination. Made for the slightly modest, but also mighty and fierce, this fit hugs the booty just right with our same flattering high-waist to best accentuate those lovely hips of yours.

The Jane One Piece

We like to think of Jane as Olivia’s alter ego. While still fierce by nature with the same high-hip cut, she’s elegant, poised and looking to leave a little to the imagination. The suit, with a crew neck on one side and a deep v on the other, can be flipped to fit any mood or occasion. And if you’re feeling extra bold, why not make it four suits in one by adding a second colour to this fully reversible design.